Grey’s Anatomy Spoiler! Someone’s Going To Die

My last Grey’s Anatomy spoiler turned out to be absolutely right. :)

Now according to Kristin from E! someone won’t make it to next season because they’re gonna be dunzo. Kristin says that the character will be somebody we love!!!

Now who could that be?!

If it’s McSteamy I may have to boycott the show.

If it’s Isaiah Washington I’d lmao. You know that would be tied to the controversy.

If it’s Meredith the show’s ratings would suffer and I’d miss her.

And if it’s Callie I’m going to be mad as hell. She’s really pretty, meat on bones and all.

So,… I wonder if it’s gonna be, er, the Chief?! We’ll have to wait and see. And stay tuned to Grey’s Anatomy to find out if my 2nd spoiler is correct too. :)


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