Adrianne Curry Explains Why America’s Next Top Model Has Disowned Her

Adrianne got to blogging:

So many people keep asking me the same two questions over and over that I decided to just write a blog on it.

Why am I not featured with the rest of the winners on America’s Next Top Model’s opening Credits, and why do they not have a room “dedicated” to me like the rest of the winners? Then, I get people asking if it upsets me, etc.

Yep, you guys were right, I am not shown on either the opening credits or featured on the walls of the house the girls live in. I frankly could give a shit less. It seems very petty and immature for Tyra & Co. to try to act like the first winner of their show never existed.

All I did was raise my voice when I didn’t get what I was promised. Were they THAT surprised that I would be outspoken about it? COME ON! I have since extended the olive branch to them, told them I was sorry about anything hurtful I said (I was pissed!)….but that I was NOT sorry for outting them on their bullshit.

If you look at my myspace profile, you will see that I posted a pic of TYRA and Top Model. Why? Because I am mature enough to realize that I wouldn’t have been able to work to get where I am today if I hadn’t landed that show. I give them credit where they deserve it ALL THE TIME.

I AM grateful for what I did get out of the show. However, unlike the winners after me, my show wasn’t that popular. Not very many people watched the first season at all. It wasn’t untill I had MADE A NAME FOR MYSELF and generated attention OUTSIDE of top model that people watched my season.

VH1 started airing my season of top model AFTER The Surreal Life I was on had already finished. Top Model wasn’t even originally on VH1! So, I like to give myself credit for that. ; )

So, as much as they want to hurl insults my way and to “disown” me publicly, they can’t change the fact that I was the first…and that I have worked my ASS OFF to climb to the top. It’s been 4 years now, and I still have more press, work, etc then any of the other girls from the show.(Though Elyse is doing quite well in Hong Kong I hear). I am an international star now.

Top Model, Surreal Life, and My Fair Brady has airred in almost every country in the world. So, I THANK Tyra for what she did do for me…and for NOT giving me what I thought I would get when I won. If she had, I wouldn’t have worked as fucking hard as I did to become as successful as I am.

Never in my wildiest dreams did I think I would make it this far. I am grateful beyond words! I will never forget where I came from…or what got me here. America’s Next Top Model changed my life.

I am not mad at Tyra or Top Model for not putting me on there. It’s her show, and she can make any choice she wants. I myself will not be taking down her pic off my page, I think it’s stupid.

So there ya have it. Lets move on, shall we?? ; )

Yes gurlfriend, we can move on. America’s Next Top Model is trash now anyway. I can’t sit through it for more than 2 minutes, seriously. I’m glad Adrianne worked hard to build a name for herself!! She has a positive outlook too plus she’s fun and crazy.

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