Ashlee Simpson Dropped From Melrose Place

Your boob tube will no longer be blessed with Ashlee Simpson running around Melrose Place. Her character is being written off of the show! She’s not the only one being kicked off, Colin Egglesfield is being shown the door also.

I watched maybe five minutes of an episode and just couldn’t get into it. Ashlee isn’t exactly a stellar actress so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that she’s booted from Melrose. Executive producer Todd Slavkin says this is the direction they planned on going with the show from the beginning.

Ashlee Simpson Short Hair Photo

“We felt that once the murder mystery [involving their characters] was resolved, the tone of the show was going to shift … and [Simpson-Wentz’s] character would move on.”

Of course Ashlee was thrilled to be on the show cause it’s not like her career (whatever it may be) was going anywhere, and she released a statement expressing her gratitude for having a chance to be on the failing show.

“Having the chance to play Violet on Melrose Place has been a thrill… Playing a creepy, unstable character was something I always wanted to do… Thanks to the CW and the entire cast and crew of Melrose Place for allowing me this opportunity.”

Now that her schedule has cleared up, she’s got plenty of time to pop out more babies!

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