Samantha Ronson Denies Sexy Time To Aubrey O’Day

I liked Aubrey O’Day when she was trying out on Making The Band because she was a normal talented girl. She made the group, got a big head, inflated just about every part of her body that she possibly could with plastic surgery, and now she looks like a blow-up doll. Hey, blow-up dolls need lovin’ too!

Aubrey O

Since Aubrey is looking for attention bisexual, she tried out some sexy dances for Lindsay Lohan’s ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson at the Nascar Champions party at club Lavo in Las Vegas, but was totally denied. Ha, ha!

“She was doing everything to get Samantha’s attention, including grinding her derriere on the glass partition that blocked off the booth. Samantha totally ignored her.”

She probably didn’t just have her butt on the glass and smeared her vag on it to try and get Sam’s¬†attention like a dog in heat. Aubrey ruined herself with plastic surgery and people must think she’ll pop a leak if they do something as simple as grab her as*.¬†

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