Mike Sorrentino of Jersey Shore’s Stripper Pics: Revealed

It’s not his looks, and it’s not even his body, IMO, but we’ve finally discovered a reason why Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is so cocky.

situation_jersey_shore_stripper_05_320-thumb-320x320-4064[1] situation_jersey_shore_stripper_08_full[1]

He’s used to women throwing themselves or dollar bills at him. Mike used to work as a stripper in an “All American Male” exotic dance crew.

Mike’s situation involed a tour from New York to New Jersey in 2004. The picture above is from a bachelorette party where The Situation reportedly gave a “great lap dance.” I bet he does. I would let him give me one, too, if I wanted fleas falling outta his crotch and onto my lap. Can’t say I’ve ever had that happen at a bachelorette party before.


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