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Britney Spears’ New Single is “Hold It Against Me”

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It sounds like Britney’s new album will drop one year after it was rumored to, but at least it will be coming out. Britney Spears‘ new single is only days away! Britney’s new song titled “Hold It Against Me,” and it drops on January 7.

The song is being produced by Dr. Luke and Max Martin. Sharon Dastor, program director for New York’s Z100 said, “The beat that they give her is really unique compared to other artists — this infectious bass beat beneath the song. Plus, the hook is just amazing.”

Britney Spears comeback

I’m not a big fan of Britney’s debut single “Womanizer” from her last album, and the record itself isn’t her best. It will be interesting to hear what the new single and her new songs sound like. Producers are promising that Brit’s going in a different direction, which is easy to do when you don’t write your own songs and all you have to do is show up to the studio where there’s help to make you sound decent.

Britney has been enjoying a break for the past two years. Something tells me that 2011 is going to be an amazing year in music. So many great albums are expected to drop… And speaking of New Year’s, Happy New Year all! We’ll be back on Monday.


LeAnn Rimes: Breast Implants ‘After’ Pictures

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LeAnn Rimes looks like a squinting mouse, and her fiance Eddie Cibrian looks like anything but. Coupled with the fact that LeAnn began giving Eddie her muffin while he was married to Brandi Glanville, a more attractive woman by far, and you’ve got a recipe for an insecure female who aspires to keep the handsome man that she’s hooked.


In addition to looking like a caterpillar, LeAnn also had the chest of a prepubescent girl. That’s all changed now, as LeAnn and Eddie have been spotted in Mexico and LeAnn looks like she bought herself a new pair of t!ts. She has also become too thin and is now looking gaunt, nearly sickly.

Some women are naturally as thin as LeAnn is now, but that’s their natural physique and frame, which is the difference. LeAnn is looking bony and frail. Now if she were someone else, I’d feel bad, but because this is a woman who made a publicity campaign out of her home wrecking relationship, I couldn’t feel bad if I tried. Something tells me that LeAnn’s also possessive and territorial, like many insecure men and women are, which only ensures that Eddie will get sick of her and stray anyway.

Good luck holding onto your man honey!

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Amber Portwood’s Salary for Teen Mom is $280k

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I already know what some people are thinking: ‘I would get knocked up if I could get paid that much money!’ and ‘That’s too much money!’ or ‘MTV is rewarding these young mothers for getting knocked up!’ Am I forgetting something?

Amber Portwood deserves every penny that she makes on MTV’s Teen Mom. She is a big part of the reason why the show is so successful, and while Amber makes thousands, MTV makes millions in revenue off of these young women. Worth. Every. Penny.

Amber Portwood Ok! Magazine Cover

Amber is currently going through a misdemeanor trial for felony domestic violence. During her court hearing, Amber’s lawyer Kathleen Sweeney revealed that Amber is paid $280K a year by MTV. This revelation could make viewers wonder about the authenticity of the show. None of the Teen Mom stars are presented as women who would make that much money in 10 years, let alone one. How real is reality TV?!

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Katy Perry No Makeup Picture Posted on Russell Brand’s Twitpic

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Well well well, WTF do we have here? It's none other than Ms. Katy Perry, sans layers of makeup, thanks to her wonderful husband Russell Brand. Russell tweeted this photo of his wife and tweeters went crazy, telling him that he'll be in trouble and commenting on Katy's natural state. The pic was reportedly up for a while, too, before Brand deleted it.

Katy Perry without makeup picture

POTP was the first to report that Katy Perry is "a Plain Jane with blotchy skin, thin hair, and fake eyelashes." Being a Katy fan, I felt bad about it and I took it back, but my haterade has been reinstated: Katy looks good when she is dolled up, she clearly does not look good when she is not.

Below are pictures of Katy when she has her face on. Dating a famous woman isn't as great as men would possibly assume that it would be. Celebrities have the very best artists and stylists working on their friggin' faces. Katy: Yes woman, you do need to perform "magic tricks" in bed to keep your former sex addict satisfied, cause he's waking up to the photo above, which would kill his boners if your melons weren't there to save the day.

Katy-perry-bikini-timeKaty-perry-bikini-photographA-katy-perry-picture_4Katy-perry-arrivesKaty-perry-hot-grammys-outfitKaty Perry blue wigKaty Perry cleavage in EsquireKaty Perry twerks it

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Kim Kardashian Braids Hair, Black Girl Transformation Nears Completion

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With a big ol’ ghetto booty, a preference for black men, and best friends who all happen to be black, just like Eminem – a black man dipped in bleach – Kim Kardashian is also an honorary black person.

She was spotted wearing braids, which may have been put in for her recent video shoot with Kanye West, or so that she could speed dial the paps and get her pictures all over the Internet. Either way, mission accomplished: She’s received more publicity and she looks more hood.

Kim's legs

Kim’s reminding me of when Alicia Keys first hit the scene. I actually don’t think that the braids look so bad on Kimmy K, they’re just unraveling and she isn’t wearing any makeup; but the woman is beautiful enough to pull off many looks. This one isn’t her best, and it’s not like she’s going to keep it, so if anyone’s freaking out – the braids are probably out by now.

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