Eva Longoria’s Revenge On Tony Parker For Sexting Erin Barry

Latina women don’t take being d!cked over by their man lightly, and Eva Longoria was damn sure to get her revenge on Tony after finding out he had been sexting Erin Barry. Eva was devastated and furious when she found out Tony was having cell sex with Erin, and they had decided weeks ago to get divorced and were going to file and keep it simple, but Eva had a better plan. 

Erin Barry Tony Parker

“They were working out the details about who was going to file and when. They didn’t want it to become a messy divorce. Then Eva got a little revenge and didn’t tell Tony she was filing and dropped the papers on him, catching him off balance for the media blitz.”

“They were discussing how to proceed for a while. Suddenly, Eva not only filed the papers but then went public with Tony’s relationship with Erin. He was surprised, to say the least.”

Kudos Eva! Why should she be considerate when he pretty much ripped her heart out and stomped on it with a stiletto heel? He obviously wasn’t considerate of Eva’s feelings!

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