Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco: Reality Show Coming Soon?

Now that two attention whores are engaged, VH1 wants to capitalize on it. Chad starred in a dating show and Evelyn appears on “Basketball Wives.” Now that Evelyn is engaged to a football player, she needs a new show with a new title.

eve and chad

Two days after telling women to “let the hating begin” because her engagement ring is 10 carats, Vh1 made an offer to Evelyn Lozada and Chad.

The show would be centered around the couple’s post-engagement relationship leading up to the wedding. According to sources, the couple is very interested … but won’t sign unless “the money and situation are right.”

But clock’s ticking — because we’re told VH1 wants to start shooting ASAP.

This show is just the prequel to the inevitable spinoff that Evelyn will score after Chad cheats on her and they split. A golddigger’s road to fat checks doesn’t have to involve her ovaries and uterus anymore, reality TV is here to make things easier on dem hoes.

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