Natalie Portman Talks Underwear and Sex Scenes

Apparently, it’s fake lesbians day on Pop on the Pop! First, it was Gaga’s fake muff-diving session from 2008, now it’s the kind of staged girl-on-girl action that people actually want to see, as Natalie Portman opens up about her steamy scenes with Mila Kunis in the new film, Black Swan.

Natalie Portman in Vogue

In the new issue of Vogue, on newsstands today, Natalie talks about getting it on with a chick and her desire to spend more time onscreen in her underwear. No complaints here!

“Lesbian scenes, sex scenes, they’re all over the place!” Natalie said in the interview. “But because it’s me, people are shocked. I see the value of a good-girl persona – it’s so easy to subvert it!” Yes, it’s so easy. But I’m still not convinced. I think a lesbian threesome might do the trick. Why don’t you and Mila see if Scarlett Johansson is available?

Natalie went on to say that she enjoys being onscreen wearing next to nothing, but that she does so because she’s a good feminist. Works for me.
“There’s a difference between being in a bra and underpants as an object on a men’s magazine cover and playing yourself – a woman with desires and needs who loves and laughs with her friends – in a bra and underpants.”

I totally agree! When I think of Natalie Portman in her underwear, I’m not thinking about all the nasty things I would do to her; I’m thinking about the struggles that women like her have gone through to be considered equal to boobs and gain the right to breasts. Wait, what was I saying, again?

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