Lindsay Lohan Buying Drugs Video Surfaces (Allegedly)

I sat through 27 seconds of this crap, but there’s a video online that “shows” Lindsay Lohan buying drugs outside of a bar in Venice Beach, the city where she lives. Linds was outside of Hal’s Bar & Grill on Tuesday when a man handed over a bag of what looked like a powdery white substance. The bag was given to the man sitting next to LiLo. Linds then took the goods and hands over some cash.

Naturally folks assumed that it was coke. Lindsay’s publicist denies this. “The bag contained crystals that had been purchased for Lindsay at a local shop: sea jasper, a meteor, rose quartz and quartz,” her rep says.

Lindsay Lohan White Dress Image

Remember the good ol’ days when Britney Spears was flashing her battered cooch while exiting cars and Lindsay was getting DUIs? Years ago we also had Amy Winehouse who was pretty much only photographed while wasted outta her friggin’ mind. A video of Amy smoking heroine surfaced, but we didn’t need to watch her using to figure out she was an addict. It’s none of our business what Lindsay does with her time or money. She doesn’t deserve any attention. Now I’m just holding out for the Justin Bieber sex tape leak so that I can buy my own private island.

CLICK HERE to watch the video

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