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Project X Stars Oliver Cooper and Jonathan Daniel Brown Talk to Pop on the Pop!

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The people involved in Project X do everything differently. From casting unknown actors, who were able to apply for roles online, to filming some footage with hand held cameras, Project X keeps it fresh. Because of the documentary style shooting, viewers feel like they’re at this unforgettable rager themselves. Project X is a teen high school party movie that takes things to a whole other level and then some! Oliver and Jonathan both play Thomas Mann‘s party loving best friends in the movie. Find out what they loved about making this film. Hint: Everything!

Oliver Mann and Jonathan Daniel Brown

Oliver holds onto his pimp cup, Jonathan is on the left.

How did you come to the part and what attracted you to your character?

Oliver: I had a ton of offers [laughs], so I really had to pick!

JB: I did an open call on the Internet, so that was fun. I just saw it on some blog randomly and I was like, ‘Why not?’ It kind of snowballed from there. I still live with my parents though.

How do you relate to your characters?

JB: I’m a much louder person in real life. I’m more chatty and gregarious and boisterous and Oliver’s actually quieter and mellow, like ‘Let’s go to bed, it’s 9 p.m.’ We kind of switched off versions of each other in a weird way.

Oliver: I’m not as much of a loser as you are.

JB: Listening to Beach Boys at 8 p.m. and calling it a night?

Oliver: Yeah, okay! I can be very loud. When I was growing up I was always getting beat up by older siblings and friends. I was always this angry ball of energy, that I can relate to. I was probably more of a bitch to my friends instead of being like ‘Come on guys, we’re having a party tonight! Don’t be a pussy!’

What was the craziest thing you’ve ever done in your life?

JB: Shooting this movie overshadows any crazy thing you’ve ever done. The craziest party we’ve ever had was over 5 weeks on the Warner Brothers lot. It was a hell of a shoot. It was five weeks of 5 p.m. to 7 a.m. every night. Constant DJ on set. Constant writing and nuttiness. Even if it was controlled chaos. Nima [the director] managed to make it feel real enough that after a while you didn’t feel like you were acting.

Oliver: Damn. Party again tonight?

JB: Yeah, world’s smallest violin.

What particular scenes were memorable for you?

Oliver: I loved the taser one. It had a vibe that it was gonna be a good scene when we were shooting it. It looked so real and the kid being punched looked awesome. And I liked the cop scene. It really played nice.

JB: One of my favorite moments, not necessarily to shoot, but when you see the montage after the ecstasy is dropped, that’s when the movie starts moving towards its climax. That’s when the movie goes to crazy town, so that’s very memorable for me when I see it because that’s an indicator that sh!t’s about to hit the fan.

Were there any particularly difficult scenes to shoot?

JB: The scene where I’m shotgunning the beer was tough for me because I couldn’t get the aim right. Every time I’d do it, I’d spray everybody BUT Nicole. Plus I’m about as coordinated as a 90 year-old man. I had to shake the beer, aim it a certain way and hit it at a certain angle to spray Nicole in the face with a beer, it didn’t work.

Oliver: Luckily we got that because that makes or breaks the movie [laughs]! I think the tough stuff is probably more not on our end, but for [the crew] to make the movie look like a documentary.

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Kirby Bliss Blanton: Pictures of Project X’s ‘Hot Best Friend’

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Kirby Bliss Blanton, 21, is hot and single! She’s also a big fan of Drake’s and she loves rap music. Before now, Kirby has only appeared in a few indie movies. Kirby stripped down for Maxim (thanks guys) and we have the photos for you. I met the rising star at the Project X junket last week in Hollywood. At the junket, Kirby barely had any makeup on at all, maybe just some blush and some lip gloss, but she was stunning.


She has all the right tools for a successful career in Hollywood. Kirby is one of the main female stars in Todd Phillips’ new comedy, Project X. She’s pretty covered up in the found footage film, so we’re giving you some stripped down pics, along with some other photos. You’re welcome!


Kirby Bliss Blanton of Project X Talks to Pop on the Pop!

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Kirby Bliss Blanton plays the best friend of Thomas Mann‘s character in Project X. They like each other, but she isn’t your stereotypical “hot girl,” she’s just the chick who happens to be your best friend. In real life, Kirby is gorgeous.

Kirby Bliss Blanton Project X friend

Kirby, who goes by Kirby in the movie, is underrated in the film, but she won’t be underrated in real life. Kirby is already in the running for a Maxim award and she just wrapped up filming a new movie called Hot Bot by the Polish Brothers. Kirby said that being in the highly anticipated Todd Phillips comedy “was a big deal for me!” We can only imagine.

Project X beer pong

The film escalates so quickly. We know that it was shot in sequence. What was it like on set?
Kirby: At first we didn’t have as many extras involved. It was shot sequentially. We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. We planned for the party and knew it was gonna happen, but once it happened it was like ‘holy sh!t’. It went from having 50 extras to 250 and you can see and feel and hear the difference.

Are these found footage movies a great opportunity for actors because they meet people who are not established well known faces?
Kirby: I think we’re really fortunate because this opportunity does not come around very often. If you had a big thing on your resume they wouldn’t even look at you. I had a couple of friends who went in to try to play Thomas. They were such actor dudes though. They tried to dress nerdy. I was like, ‘You know you’re not right when you have to go out and buy clothes to make you look nerdy and you still can’t do it!’ This is my first big studio film. The movies I did before this haven’t gone anywhere. This was a big deal for me! All of us really got to know each other. They boys are all really good friends. You can tell when you watch the movie that they’ve got great chemistry. They took a chance on unknowns. They really took a shot on all of us.

How well do you relate to your character?
Kirby: I mostly hang out with dudes anyway, so it wasn’t most of a stretch.

What was the auditioning process like for you? I know some of the guys had to go to multiple auditions. How did you hear about the movie?
Kirby: We both didn’t hear about it through a talent search. We both got our agents involved. I had literally been through 10 meetings maybe. It was the hardest I’ve ever worked to be involved in a film, but it was worth it.

We’ll be posting Part II of our exclusive with Kirby on Friday. Project X opens in theaters the same day, this Friday, March 2nd! It’s good y’all.

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Kim Kardashian Wants To Marry A Saudi Prince?

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Kim Kardashian spent some time in Suadi Arabia a year ago and, apparently, she found something in the men there that no American athlete can offer her – billions of dollars in oil money!

Kim Kardashian No Make-Up Twitpic

Of course, Kim was taken at the time, but with her marriage over and no rookies lining up to take Kris Humphries‘ spot, it looks as though Kim has set her sights on some dudes with bank accounts that make the average NBA salary look like minimum wage. “Several royals gave her their phone numbers and made it clear they were serious about dating her,” a source says of Kim’s time in Dubai. “The one she really had a connection with is a billionare!”

Some outlets, including Star magazine have even suggested that Kim tweeted the above photo at the request of her Middle Eastern billionaire who was apparently dying to know what she looked like in sweat pants. Whatever. Anyway, the reason for Kim’s alleged interest in becoming royalty is exactly what you’d expect. “She wants to be taken care of,” the source says. “She’s done being a sugar mama.” Who could blame her after all her years of hard work. Hey, if it means she’ll become Saudi Arabia’s problem instead of ours, I’m all for it.

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Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart Hate Each Other?

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It’s on! Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart are reportedly locked in a major rivalry after snarky comments each made about the other unexpectedly went public.

Jennifer Lawrence Hot PhotoKristen Stewart Breaking Dawn Premiere Photo

It all started when J-Law recently revealed that she’s annoyed by actors who complain about their jobs. K-Stew took the remark as a personal attack, as she frequently makes the life of a famous millionaire sound like a living hell. Kristen reportedly fired off some shots about Jennifer’s “plain” appearance to friends, and things got worse when Jen’s alleged comment about Kristen’s laziness was published by OK! “When I heard Kristen Stewart say, ‘I only read the first [Twilight book],’ I was like, ‘Oh, man,’” Jen reportedly said. “I was like, for [The Hunger Games] book lovers I should probably read the books.”

Now, a lot of this could be made up, but I really hope it turns into a feud of Duff vs. Lohan proportions. The stars of two of the biggest book-based franchises of the 21st Century going at it? The only way it could be better is if Emma Watson got into the mix. Kristen better find a way to settle this peacefully. I don’t think Slouchy McMope-Face would do very well in a fight.

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Karrueche Tran: ‘Chris Brown Cooks For Me!’

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Chris Brown cheats on Karrueche Tran but he cooks for her too! All is forgiven. Chris was cooking up some soul food for his girlfriend and Karrueche was so excited about it, she took photos and posted ’em on Twitter.

Chris Brown cooks

Karrueche posted the picture below with the caption: “Yup.. Get mad!” She’s hilarious!

tran food

Chef Breezy made fried chicken, corn on the cob… well you can see what he made in the picture. He Tweeted the photo above of himself cooking. Chris and his chick make a really cute couple. They’re both idiots.

I’m surprised that Karrueche’s model a*s actually eats solid foods. I guess that was her meal for the week!

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