Kris Humphries Wants the Money Kim Kardashian Owes Him

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries opened a joint account to deposit all of the money they made from their televised wedding and other ventures. Kris and Kim were paid for selling wedding pics and putting their wedding on TV in a 2-part special. The profits from Kim’s alleged sham wedding went into a joint account, but Kris has yet to receive any of his money!

Kris Humphries Thinks Hard Photo

Because it was a joint account, Humphries had access to his money, but he never attempted to withdraw any of it. Does that make him a stand up guy? Of course! Kris isn’t money hungry like his superficial talentless ex is.

Kris reportedly “doesn’t even care about the money, all he wants is an annulment,” according to TMZ.

It will be difficult for Kris to prove that his marriage was fraudulent, but I’d like to think that he has a strong case. Kimmy made a wedding fragrance, sold photos, made a 4-hour televised special and promoted the hell out of her wedding on TV shows, magazines and social networking sites. I hope that’s enough for Kris to win his case. Fingers crossed.

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