16 & Pregnant Recap: Cleondra and Mario Suffer Moving Issues

Cleondra is a senior in high school living in Horn Lake, Mississippi. She is on the school dance team which made it to the national tournament, and she plans on going to college and studying physical therapy. Her boyfriend Mario lives directly across the street which is convenient for their relationship, and I’m sure played a part in Cleondra getting pregnant.

Cleondra and Mario Picture

Her sister Zerica had a baby herself when she was 17, but slacked off on being a parent and Cleondra and her mom Dixie seemed to do most of the parenting job for Zyra’s first two years. Look at Cleondra now – after watching what her sister went through, she’s having a baby of her own. Her brother Javon was mad about Cleondra getting pregnant and thought she was smarter than that and thinks it’s going to hold her back from following her dreams. Mario’s dreams changed too. He had planned on going into the Army but once he found out Cleondra was pregnant, he got a full time job at the tire shop instead.

Once their baby is born, he wants Cleondra and the baby to live at his house. I understand he wants her and the baby to live in a little bigger home, but he works so much he’ll hardly be around to help her out. Here we go again…. So many guys think living together is the best option and life will be all rainbows and flying unicorns, but that’s so not the case. It’ll smack him in the face.


Mario and Kylee Picture

They had a wonderful baby shower and it looks like her little baby girl will be quite fashionable for the first few months, but there’s no time to even let everything set in because Cleondra went into labor the next day. After hours of labor and pushing, Clee gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Kylee Sue. Mario breaks down in tears and wonder if it’s because he’s genuinely happy, or reality and the thought of all of the responsibility is beginning to set in.

Cleondra is expecting Mario to stay the night with her the first night home with the baby, but he doesn’t want to because he wants to get some sleep. Any woman who just gave birth is already completely exhausted and has pretty much had no sleep in two days, and doesn’t want to listen to her dude talking about getting sleep. If chicks could shoot daggers from their eyes, that’s one time it would definitely be done. Don’t pull that ‘I need sleep’ bullsh!t on us when we can’t hold our eyes open.

Mario doesn’t want anyone in Cleondra’s family around Kylee because he doesn’t feel comfortable with it. He decided if she doesn’t move in with him, the relationship isn’t going to work. Cleondra asked her sister Zerica to watch Kylee because she needed to leave to take a midterm test, and Mario was working. When Mario came over later that night and found out Zerica watched Kylee for four hours, he was pissed. He thinks Cleondra should run it by him first before she decides who watches the baby. Like Cleo’s mom said, sometimes she’s gonna have to make that decision on her own, yet he never goes to her house and helps with Kylee.

In fact, when Cleondra called and asked him if he would come to her house to watch her, he didn’t do it because as he said, “I just don’t feel like doin nothing today,” and claims if they lived at his house, he would put her to bed. Cleondra gave it a whirl and stayed the night at his house with Kylee and guess who couldn’t man up and get up in the middle of the night to make a simple bottle. Ding, ding…. Mario! He’s coming off like such a jack-hole.

Cleondra is back in school and because Mario doesn’t want Cleo’s sister and mother watching her all the time, the babysitting schedule is split up with a different person watching Kylee every day, with Mario only watching her one of those days. Mario and Cleondra tried to enjoy a night out together but it went down the sh!tter when the conversation of helping out more with Kylee and moving in with Mario came up. He doesn’t even want Cleondra to stay the night again until she moves in.

When Cleondra got home from dinner with Mario she was crying and momma Dixie wanted to talk about it. Dixie invited Mario and his mother Maria over to discuss what’s going on with their relationship, which centers around them not living together right now. After the discussion, Mario agreed to stay the night at Cleondra’s with her and Kylee twice a week. Hey, they even hugged it out! Awww. I’m glad their moms stepped in because Mario and Cleondra may not have really given this relationship a chance for Kylee’s sake otherwise.

Cleondra says her relationship with Mario has gotten better and they still plan on moving in together and getting married. Mario’s trying to grow up and take more responsibility as a father like he should. This is just the beginning. We’ll see if they’re still together two years from now. I almost feel like they have a chance at making this relationship work… Almost. The chances are still looking slim.