Adam Lambert on Oprah, Gay Stereotypes, & His Upcoming Tour

Adam Lambert gave a great interview, per usual, to Canadian website and he talked about homophobia, his love for Lady Gaga, what Oprah gave him, and his upcoming tour.

Adam Lambert is wrapped in a grey scarf that is the size of a small comforter. “It’s a gift from Oprah,” he explains, as he starts to take off the fabric—which covers his six-foot-one frame like a sari—“she’s such a sweetie.”

Adam Lambert eyeliner

On fame: “I’ve never been that guy?.?.?.?You know, the one who’s always wanted to have a quiet, subtle life.”

On gays in mainstream television shows: “All you see is the same type of gay stereotype on Glee, Ugly Betty and Entourage. There’s a clown element to them all. It’s always the sissy guy that’s passive and effeminate who gets it.”

It’s ironic that Adam says that while he applied makeup for the seventh time that day, the writer noted. Also, Adam isn’t exactly macho either.

Adam continued: “I’ve seen a little bit of the polar extreme opposite too—the gay guy who’s a total butch dude—but we need to see [gay roles] that are much more human and complex. Showing diversity is a way of fighting discrimination. And it is still out there.

On what people say about him online:


“If you go on iTunes, there are a ton of beautiful reviews of my music, but there is also a large portion of ignorant people posting things like ‘Gross, he’s gay.’ ” 

On today’s male rock musicians: “Closed-mindedness has made rock music become so conservative and filled with [macho] dudes when it should be filled with people like David Bowie,” who, he says, “challenged people’s perceptions with his work.”

On Lady Gaga: “I swear, she is a gay man, and I mean that in the most affectionate way. Nobody else respects gay culture the way she does because she’s lived it, worked in the clubs, and has a close-knit family of guys who look out for her. She knows how to push the envelope in the right way.”

On recording “Fever” a song penned by Lady Gaga with LG herself: “She walked in wearing a costume—which is really daywear for her—and I loved it because I went totally costume-y that day too. We had a little listening party. She played songs off The Fame Monster and I played my demos… we had a couple of whiskeys. Then we recorded the song.”

On what his upcoming tour should be like: “Really simple—a bunch of hot dancers, arty video graphics, a lot of costume changes and fire. You know, just the basics.”