Adam Levine: Wanted by Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt has no shame when it comes to trying to land herself a man. She openly pursued Bachelor star Ben Flajnik (and got rejected). and publicly pressured boyfriend Jamie Kennedy to propose to her (and got rejected). Now she’s got her eyes set on an even bigger prize – J. Love wants to get with the newly single Adam Levine. Wonder how that will turn out?

Jen discusses her love for Adam in the above clip from Ellen. “I just read two days ago that Adam Levine is single again,” Jen says. “I’m just saying.” She sorta acts like she’s kidding, but then squeals like a schoolgirl at a slumber party when Ellen takes out a phone and pretends to call Adam. Jen then remembers she’s on TV and quickly regains her composure. “Look we would be cute together,” she adds. “His haircut is hot.”

Yeah, after so many years with a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, I’m sure Adam is looking to immediately settle down with a desperate, clingy chick who’s just dying for a ring on her finger. Plus, it’s probably really hard for him to meet available women, so I’m sure begging him for a date on national TV is absolutely the way to go.