Alena Jenkins: Did Ryan’s Half Sister Help Him Escape?

This Jasmine Fiore murder case just keeps getting more interesting by the minute. Canadian media are reporting that Ryan Jenkins’ half sister, Alena Jenkins, may have been the one who dropped him off at the hotel where he committed suicide.


Witnesses who saw Ryan being dropped off at the hotel described the vehicle as a Silver PT Cruiser which has been seen where Alena Jenkins lives. The vehicle is registered to Ryan’s father, Dan Jenkins. The person who dropped him off at the hotel is also the person who went into the lobby and paid cash for a 3 day stay.

Police are talking to a mystery woman and other suspects to determine how Jenkins was helped not only to reach the motel room but also to get across the border, but Canadian privacy laws prevent him from identifying anyone not charged with a crime.

Detectives are trying to determine “what role that person played, and the extent of the role they played.”

Any criminal charges would have to be filed in the United States.

If my brother was such a freak boy that he killed his ex-wife, cut off her fingers, removed her teeth and stuffed her in a suitcase, I sure as hell would not help him out! Why would anyone help their sibling out if they commit such a heinous crime? She should have driven the wack job to the nearest police station or at least called authorities and told them he was at the hotel. Maybe she’s just as insane as he is, cause I can’t think of any other reason anyone would help that fool out.