Bethenny Frankel Slammed by Omarosa AGAIN

One of the most hated women in reality TV history, b*tch of the century Omarosa had an interview with Vibe magazine. Omarosa is on a new dating show called “The Ultimate Merger.”


In the interview Omarosa said that she’s Nigerian, she also used the “we were young” excuse when she’s asked about her failed marriage, and she goes in on Bethenny Frankel again. Omarosa has already said that “everyone knows” that Bethenny’s husband Jason Hoppy is gay.

Too bad Omarosa is a liar and her lies were featured throughout her run on The Apprentice. She even said that an Apprentice contestant called her the N-word just cause that poor girl said, “It’s like the pot calling the kettle black.” Omarosa said that was racist.

On Bethenny Frankel: Bethenny Frankel was on The View and she was actually being complimented by Sherri Shepherd who said, ‘Bethenny you were on the Martha Stewart Apprentice and now you’ve got your own show and you’re doing your own thing. You’re utilizing this opportunity like Omarosa.’ And then Bethany says, ‘I’m not like Omarosa, she’s just famous for being infamous, she doesn’t have a real career I have a real career.’ It was really crazy stuff because Bethenny was a friend.

She called after Martha Stewart Apprentice and asked me, ‘What can I do to extend my fifteen minutes of fame?’ Martha Stewart Apprentice had like two viewers, and The Apprentice had 28 million viewers— so who has the real career? Don’t get me started. That arrogance and the idea that [Bethenny thinks she has] this superiority [over me], it just baffles me, really baffles me. I mean this girl was a cocktail waitress five years ago; I worked in The White House. I mean really, who has the real career?

No comment. I need the little bits of energy I have left right now for other activities.