Britney Spears Keeps it Country, Did Drugs With Uncle

Willie had his photoshoot in his bomb camper in good ol’ Louisiana, Britney’s home state.

Britney smiles for photographers

Who’s Willie you ask? None other than Brit Brit’s 49-year-old uncle, William Spears, who says the train wreck began doing drugs in her early teens.

“I’m not just a family friend or someone who claims to know them. I was there every day, working with them. I have seen all the terrible things happen,” Uncle Willie said.

Willie, who was nicknamed “Road Kill Willie” after cooking and eating animals that had been hit by cars when he was living rough, says Britney started drinking booze at 13 and smoking reefer at 14. He said she went “buck-wild” on her 18th birthday: “I know she did cocaine on her 18th birthday – I was there. We were at a party in an apartment and I spotted her doing a line just before I did one. We smoked pot together too.

“She has tried just about everything – cocaine, crystal meth, ecstasy,” Willie said.

“Her brother Bryan was the star of the high school football team. They went to all the best parties where there were drugs and alcohol – a lot. ‘ She’s tried just about everything ‘. She is a ruthless little thing, make no mistake. Nobody controls her. She bosses everyone around her.”

“Just about everyone in the Spears family is a drunk and Britney’s dad Jamie was one of the worst. He would drink from daylight to night. Britney saw him drunk all the time.” Willie continues: “Britney grew up thinking it was alright to drink and that you can live with a drinking problem.”

“We thought maybe getting married and having kids would help her settle down but it was quite the opposite.”

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