Britney’s Not A Chris Crocker Fan

Britney isn’t feeling the love of her biggest fan Chris Crocker, who made the famous ‘Leave Britney Alone!’ Youtube video last month. Is it because he’s looking hotter than she is these days?

Jason Trawick and Brit Spears

“Britney does not think Chris Crocker is funny. She thinks he’s creepy and that all his videos are an obvious attempt at fame. She finds it insulting and difficult to watch.”

But Crocker defends his teary online tribute. “It was to give Britney fans a voice. There is nothing insulting there. It was for her fans to show our support.”Crocker was in LA promoting Onch Movement jewelry when news broke that the 25-year-old singer had lost custody of her sons, Sean, 2, and Jayden, 1.

But her number one fan is confident that the situation is only temporary. “My mom lost custody of me when she was younger and she got it back,” says Crocker. “She can always get it together again.”