Casper Smart: Gay Massage Parlor Patron?

While the rest of the tabloids remain focused on squeezing the last drops of detail from the Robsten cheating scandal, In Touch is interested in a different sort of infidelity. A new issue of the tabloid arrived in stores today with a controversial (and possibly libelous) story about Casper Smart and his fondness for back alley hand jobs.


Jennifer Lopez's pro himbo was spotted outside of an "exotic massage parlor" in Manhattan the day before J.-Lo's birthday. Now a "masseuse" from that establishment has come forward to say that Casper is a regular customer. Other tenants of the building, including a worker from the gay peepshow on the first floor, say Casper is a frequent visitor when he's in town. “Casper has gone to the exotic massage parlor twice this month,” says the man.

It should be noted that the gay peepshow and the massage parlor are separate establishments, so it's possible that Cassie enjoys his handies in a strictly heterosexual fashion. Then again, he may be treating the building as a sort of one-stop shopping center. Like Wal-Mart for your genitals.