I Don’t Think This is a Good Idea

The typically bare faced and always masculine Jessica Biel is the newest celebrity to become a Revlon model.

Revlon announced that Jess will be its newest Global Brand Ambassador, joining Jessica Alba, Halle Berry and Jennifer Connelly for a deceptive new ad campaign – you know these hos don’t wear such cheap makeup.

Jessica will begin starring in international print and broadcast campaigns in spring 2010.

Uh, I love Jess – her personality is great, her ass is magnificent and she can sing, but those attributes aside – b*tch sounds like a dude!

Unless Kristen Bell (the voice of the narrator on Gossip Girl) is doing voice-over for Jess, if you’re not watching your TV screen while the shemale’s ads are on and you only hear Jess’ voice, folk will think a tranny is peddling lipstick. There’s just no need for confusion when you’re trying to sell feminine products.