Is Pauly D Gay? Vinny and Pauly Act Like Gay Lovers.

Vinny Guadagnino is a closet homosexual, IMO, and Pauly D is one too. Vinny left the Jersey Shore house on last Thursday’s episode and, w hile packing his bags in his room, Vinny tells Pauly “The hardest part is leaving you.” Now that was romantical!

 Pauly D gay picture

Vinny and Pauly D‘s gay jokes don’t just come in the form of words, they cum in the form of physical embraces, dry humping sessions, unwrapping condoms, and assuming the position.

On last Thursday’s episode, Pauly hooks up with a girl and promptly kicks her out of the house AT 4 IN THE MORNING. She then returns the next day wearing a bikini and looking amazing and Pauly doesn’t even glance at her body, he’s more concerned with having her GTFO.

I was offended by Pauly D’s actions, how he literally treats women like garbage, and then I remembered that he is so obviously queer. Jersey Shore has been around for like 4 years now and Pauly has never had a girlfriend and the same goes for Vinny?! There is literally no excuse, except they’re batting for the other team. Well, they’re batting for each other’s team… well they’re on the same damn team and I think Pauly’s the pitcher and Vinny’s the catcher.