It’s Time To Call Samantha Ronson

Lindsay Lohan’s relationships with men just don’t seem to work. Maybe it’s time to switch teams for a while. Or date famous dudes. Broke ass D-Listers will sell ya out, Linds.

Lindsay Lohan is having a bad week. First, her ex-boyfriend Riley Giles (whom she met in rehab and spent Thanksgiving with) told Britain’s News of the World that Lohan “quit coke and got hooked on sex with me,” and now Giles is selling photos he took of Lohan while they were together.

Lindsay Lohan And Shawn Chapman Holley

On Dec. 26, dozens of magazine editors awoke to an e-mail from a well-known photo agency. The e-mail included several snapshots of Lohan in various states of undress, and boasted that the pics were “personal photos taken by Riley Giles while he was dating Lindsay Lohan.”

“Say what you will about their relationship, but I don’t think she ever imagined he would do this to her,” a source close to Lohan said.

I’m shocked I haven’t heard of a Lindsay Lohan sex tape yet. You know she’s dumb enough to film one right now even though everyone around her always seems to leak her scandalous knife, cocaine and now, nekkid pics.