Jasmine Waltz Was Shopping Her Own Sex Tape!

Hollywood whore Jasmine Waltz was already planning on humping on camera well before this "private" sex tape has surfaced. As shocked as she seems about her private video being leaked, this ho was ready to show her vag on the porn screen.

Jasmine Waltz Milkshake Image

According to TMZ, Jasmine had signed a contract with Vivid Entertainment last year to star in her own porn video and had a chance to make bank on it.

Jasmine agreed to being paid $60k up front. She also set up her deal so that she would "personally select" the man she'd be having sex with in the video! Damn. She would also receive 25% of the "back end" profits.

"After Waltz signed the deal, things went sour … and somehow Jasmine's "private" homemade XXX flick surfaced on her own website … and not with Vivid."

She has already slept with half of Hollywood and is famous for humping David Arquette so what's next? Releasing her own sex tape. This hooker is selling herself big time!

I wonder if any of her sex tape footage looks any thing like the pictures below? Jesus, this chick makes eating a banana and making a milkshake look dirty!


Jasmine Waltz and BananaJasmine Waltz MilkshakeJasmine Waltz Banana Picture