Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Happy With Her Body

Jennifer Love Hewitt takes the photoshop award for the latest issue of Shape magazine. It's amazing how toned her body can get in less than two months after the photos were released of her playing tennis in a bikini.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Shape Magazine CoverJennifer-love-hewitt-2013-shape-coverJennifer-love-hewitt-sexy-bikini


In the issue Jennifer talks about working on eating better, and having more confidence in herself.

"For the most part, yeah, I'm happy with my body, but there are days when I'm like, 'Ugh! Really? Why is it so hard to fit into my jeans?' That’s when I say to myself, 'I look this way because I'm supposed to. If we all looked the same, we'd be boring.'"

We wouldn't be boring, we'd all be gorgeous and sexing it up with each other! I know why I don't fit in my jeans, it's called a fat *ss. I definitely don't say to myself 'oh, my butt has expanded two inches in the past month but it's o.k., cause I'm suppose to keep getting fatter.'