Jon Gosselin’s Penis is “Stubby” aka “Tiny”

Poor Jon Gosselin. He should have been a better man to his b*tches if he didn’t want them to put him on blast like this. In fact, if you’re not packing heat, you should be pretty damn angelic cause your girl will be talking jizz about you to her girlfriends while she’s probably getting ready to dump you or get with someone bigger.

Hailey Glassman told Steppin’ Out magazine that Jon Gosselin’s dick is “tiny, tiny, tiny.” Hailey also elaborated on the “sex” that she and Jon would have.

Kate Gosselin thighs

Hailey said: “I didn’t even know when we had sex. You didn’t want to have sex to have sex… A girl doesn’t have to be wet to have sex with him. You could be as dry as a 90-year-old woman. That’s how small he is. It was like putting a tampon in. Not even a big one. I’m talking a slim fit.”

Kate Gosselin has fueled the fire: His ex wife Kate had a different way of referring to his manhood: “Stubby.” Kate would joke with friends and family about Jon’s, er, shortcomings, and even call him “Stubby” to his face to mock him.

I love it! And Hailey, darling, you didn’t ever have sex with Jon Gosselin. You know that super sexual Grandma doctor who hosted that late night show “Talk Sex With Sue”? I used to watch Sue Johanson religiously. She says it’s not sex until after four inches. So if Jon was really “three inches” like Hailey says he was, nothing was consummated and I can’t blame her for being so angry. What a waste of time. Also, is Kate a lesbian? WTF!