Justin Bieber Wrote A Song About Mariah Yeater

Let this be a lesson to the crazy, desperate women of the world: don’t mess with the Biebs! Never one to let sleeping dogs lie, Justin Bieber revealed yesterday that he’s written a song about the Mariah Yeater baby mama scandal of late last year.

Justin Bieber Heathrow Airport Photo

“[I’ve written] a song about that whole situation with that girl who said she’s having my baby — Mariah Yeater,” Justin said in a press conference Tuesday. This is the second time in less than a week that JB has publicly addressed the woman who claimed to be the mother of his child. Over the weekend, he posted a bizarre tweet taunting Yeater.

I understand Justin’s trying to make a point and maybe even make an example of Yeater, but it’s time for dude to just let it go. Devoting this much time and energy to one crazy chick is only inspiring other lunatic fans to do whatever it takes to get the Biebs’ attention.

Justin’s dis track will be included on his new album, Believe, out June 19.

(Photo: WENN)