Kevin Federline’s Plans To Become A Full-Time Daddy Dude

Kevin Federline is purposely staying out of the spotlight as estranged wife Britney Spears publicly unravels, hoping her wacky escapades will help him win custody of their two children.

“He is just waiting for her to get worse,” a pal said. “She is only hurting herself right now.”

Britney Spears eats

Experts warned yesterday that her erratic antics could land her under a psychiatric microscope in the custody fight.

“It’s bizarre behavior,” said L.A. attorney Nathan Goldberg. “It might raise concerns about where the behavior is coming from. … What problems is she having, and how might those problems affect her ability as a parent?”

But in the last week, Spears checked herself into rehab, checked out 24 hours later, and then went off for a head shave and a couple tattoos.

“Shaving your head is bizarre, but it’s not illegal,” said Loyola Law School Prof. Laurie Levenson, who thinks the shave won’t hurt Spears in court “unless you can show that she was out of her mind or on drugs when she did it.”

Federsperm’s probably so pissed Britney’s in rehab right now. Brit needs to keep slipping. He wants her child support checks so he can buy a shiny new grill fo his teef.


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