Kim Kardashian: Pregnant Already?

She’s married, and she’s already been spotted buying pregnancy tests, so if you had any doubt that Kim Kardashian is dying to crank out a few lil Kimmies, check out her recent comments to People magazine:

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Red Carpet Pose

“Hopefully soon,” Kim said when asked about motherhood. “Being a mom is something I’ve always wanted, so I would love to be one someday.”

Keeping secrets is not Kim’s strong suit, but you know she’d be willing to keep things under wraps if it meant big ratings for a special pregnancy test episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. And make no mistake, the pay day would be HUGE. Kim and Kris Humphries have already netted an estimated $18 million from their wedding. The pregnancy announcement, along with the first baby photos and the inevitable reality series would catapult the couple into the top-earning celebs stratoshphere.

We’re not so cynical as to suggest that cash is the only reason Kim and Kris would reproduce, but Kim doesn’t spend money without making money and she had to pay for that Italian honeymoon somehow.

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