Lady Gaga Blow Up Doll: Get Yours Today?

I’m not a dude, but Lady Gaga isn’t mildly attractive to begin with. That being said, if I ever put something inside her, I wouldn’t want it back. It’s odd that she now has a blow up doll which features a woman much hotter than the singer herself… ok, makes sense.

gaga doll

The creators of the Beyonce blow up doll are at it again. Check out some of what the promo text says: She’s a sweet catholic schoolgirl who became a whore packing a little something more! Meet Lady Gag Gag, the deep-throat drag queen who’ll suck the chrome off a disco ball faster than you can say Just Dance!” Ooooohhh, now that’s my kind of cheesy!

They did a great job with Lady Gaga‘s hair. I’d buy the blow up doll just to use that crap as a wig, if it actually comes with it and detaches.