Lamorne Morris Wants Rihanna on New Girl Season 2

Lamorne Morris is much much funnier in person than his character Winston is on New Girl. Lamorne is a stand up comedian turned actor who had a strong start on Fox’s new hit show… and then things got a little weird. Winston got weird and we didn’t know whether to pity him, root for him or try to find a way to kick him outta the loft! Then weeks later Winston got a girlfriend, a job, and his fun personality back, possibly all within one episode!

Lamorne Morris:

At the panel following the screening, New Girl creator Elizabeth Meriwether explained that Winston is actually the only character that has his life together at this point. We never saw that coming! But what I did see coming was another fun interview with the likeable future CEO of Lamorner Brothers! Read on to find out what we’re talking about and don’t forget to tune into New Girl’s season finale tonight at 9PM on Fox. Yes, I know I could edit out some personal comments in some of my interviews but I post some of ’em for the fans.

POTP: Hello! I don’t expect you to remember me cause you meet so many people.

Lamorne: I do remember you.

POTP: Oh you do?

Lamorne: Was it… Don’t tell me. It was inside of a building and we were eating food.

POTP: I gave you my business card.

Lamorne: That’s right.

POTP: My really ghetto looking business card [laughs].

Lamorne: Your business card that you wrote out with crayon. *Total exaggeration! I had an actual card, but Lamorne is hilarious. 

POTP: Pretty much [laughs].

Lamorne: Your business card that you wrote out on the back of a piece of paper [laughs]. You wrote your number on the back of a football card, on some athlete [laughs]. That’s funny.

POTP: I noticed that your character has changed for the better, he’s matured. So how did it feel when he was kind of in a slump? I know there were about two episodes were he was just a bit strange. Did you feel that?

Lamorne: Yeah. I definitely did.

POTP: And were you like, ‘I can’t wait until these episodes end? [laughs]’


Lamorne: I definitely did. A lot of that has to do with just me being introduced late. A new character is always hard to write for because the writers don’t know me yet. They don’t know my voice and how I perform. I booked the show and right away we started shooting. I knew it was gonna be a bit of a rocky, my character can’t figure out life phase. It was also kind of fun too because I got to play it straight. I got to be an actor actor for a while and that was fun too.

POTP: I think Winston has matured because he’s getting laid now. Do you think that’s part of it?

Lamorne: That’s the case. Whenever you have someone telling you what to do, a woman, you tend to grow up faster. Before he was just used to living this fantastic life of playing basketball, sleeping with chicks but now he’s back and he has some structure in his life and I think he’s fine now.

POTP: How is Winston’s relationship going?

Lamorne: It’s going really good. I think Kali Hawk will be back for season 2 if she’s not busy. Hopefully she’ll be around for a while.

POTP: Winston’s always had confidence from the beginning of the show. Where do you think that comes from?

Lamorne: I would probably say his mother. Just cause in real life I kind of have confidence and that comes from my mom. It also comes from his own ability. When you’re constantly being praised that you’re really good at something, you’re just gonna start to believe it. The problem is he believed it too much and he believed his own hype. He really wasn’t that good.

POTP: How do fans react to you on the street? What do they say about your character?

Lamorne: They love it! This show is becoming widely popular and so it’s fun to see their reactions. Usually they just say hello and take a picture and they quote specific lines from the show.

POTP: How do guest stars affect the chemistry or the dynamic of the show in any way?

Lamorne: As a cast we have a really good chemistry already. The cool thing about it is when you throw a curveball in there it puts everybody on their best game. So whenever Justin Long comes on the show, he improvises so much that we’re kind of on our toes a little bit. When you bring another person, it sets things off better and it becomes funnier.

POTP: Who was your favorite guest star this season?

Lamorne: I love Justin Long. I love Justin Long so much. He is absolutely hysterical and we had him for about four, five episodes so he’s my favorite. Kareem Al-Jabar was also really, I’m a huge basketball fan. When you get the all-time leading scorer to come do scenes with you, that’s great. I want Lebron James on the show. He has to be on this show. I’m gonna find him and put him on this show! But if we don’t get Lebron, we’ll just get Rihanna to come and play the girl I’m cheating on my girlfriend with.

POTP: What have you been enjoying the most since the show’s success?

Lamorne: I just love the fact that I’m working. I’m an actor and I get to go continuously to a gig instead of auditioning.

POTP: How do you think things will change in the loft when Nick moves out?

Lamorne: They change for the worst. We get a weird roommate and it’s disturbing. He’s a disturbing individual, you’ll see.

POTP: Would you like a girl roommate? Of course I don’t think there will be because it’s called New Girl?

Lamorne: They’re gonna bring a guy in. Another girl would be a weird dynamic for the loft cause Schmidt’s character will continue to try to have sex with her and my character will be having sex with her.

POTP: What have you been doing since the show wrapped up?

Lamorne: Taking meetings. This is my first pilot season so I have to make my rounds with the studios, meeting people I’ve never met because I’m new out here. Writing. Writing a lot. I have a couple of projects that I’m working on, so stay tuned for those. When you see the Lamorner Brothers logo, it means I wrote it and I created it. It should be some fun stuff I have coming out.

POTP: Is that really the name you’re going with?

Lamorne: Lamorner Brothers.

POTP: You serious?

Lamorne: Yes. And I wanna steal the logo from Warner Brothers and make it look like Lamorner Brothers.

POTP: So you’ll get sued than?

Lamorne: Oh they won’t sue me. I know a guy, a guy on the inside.