Lea Michele Still Doesn’t Know How to Dress

Lea Michele showed up to two events this week looking like sh!t. The first event was New York Fashion Week. Lea attended the Alexander Wang show wearing a beige dress that looked like a sheer curtain with a drawstring. She then put on bright blue heels to make her feet "pop" or something. I don't even know where to begin. That "dress" looks like a work in progress. If some designer charged good money for that piece than I need to start working on my new couture line.

Lea Michele NY Fashion WeekLea thinks she's hot

Next up was the 7th Annual FOX Fall Eco-Casino Party, whatever the hell that is. Lea showed up with a dress that was too big for her in the front and too big for her in the back. She has no t!ts, so I wish she'd cover up her "cleavage." Her frock also had some loose suspenders meets straps hanging over her back that looked RIDICULOUS! To top it all off, Lea looks like she's trying to suck it in.

I go in on Lea for many reasons. She's conceited as hell, she's fake, she can't act. she's a bitch, and she doesn't know how to dress. If only she could be a talented actress or a talented actress that also knows how to dress, we wouldn't mind if she was a diva. But divas are supposed to be able to back their sh!t up and Lea has yet to do that. Check out her hair in the picture on the left. Her hair extensions aren't even the same length.

Lea Michele bootyLea Michele fashion faux pasLea Michele awful dressLea Michele big dress

Photos: Fame and Wenn