Lily Allen Is Pregnant!

Lily Allen and her boyfriend Sam Cooper are expecting their first baby together. Over the last three months people have speculated Lily is knocked up after seeing the below photo of her leaving a pharmacy in London back in May. Lily denied the rumor at the time, but that belly speaks a thousand words!

Lily Allen flat chested

Lily suffered a miscarriage back in 2007 when she was pregnant with then boyfriend Ed Simmons, so it makes sense that she waited until after her three month check-up before announcing she's prego telling The Sun: "It goes without saying we are both absolutely delighted."

She's further than three months along if the above picture was taken in May. Unless she's carrying twins! Wishing the best of luck to Lily through her constipation, raging hormones, emotional issues, freakish dreams, back ache, pregnancy. It's a doozy!