Lindsay Lohan Stars in MIGGS’ “Let the Games Begin” Video

This was the perfect project for conceited has been diva Lindsay Lohan. Lohan plays some chick on the run and then she plays herself at the end, of MIGGS’ “Let the Games Begin” music video. I don’t know if the song is any good cause I wasn’t listening simply because I won’t support anything connected to Lohan. Her weave looks busted and her lips look bloated, but she’s able to be “sexy” in the video, which is something she does very well. No word on whether or not Linds was paid for this, but I think there were reports that she’s friends with the band. She probably paid all of ’em, including the camera crew, in blow jobs out of gratitude for scoring a gig. Oh no! Should I not say that? The b!tch may sue me.