Max Greenfield: New Girl’s “Schmidt” Talks to Pop on the Pop!

Schmidt is to New Girl what Jack and Karen were to Will & Grace; the show would suck without him. Max Greenfield plays Schmidt, an over the top character who literally makes viewers laugh every time he says something. Schmidt is the OCD metrosexual who embraces his feminine side and talks about sex like it's a fine art. 

Max Greenfield:

Max has embraced his character so much, he often blurs the line between being himself or his lovable douchebag character when speaking to the media. At a separate event, I saw Max embrace his serious side, but luckily for me, Max was upbeat and hilarious last night as he discussed all things Schmidt.

POTP: Hello Max, how are you doing?

Max: Hi. Now are we talking about life or are we talking about style?

POTP: Um, the show [laughs]! Okay, you have an entire summer to get ripped just in case you have to strip down next season.

Max: I know.

POTP: Will you be doing another spin class? * Max teaches spin classes in LA.

Max: There might be another spin class. We’re going to try to put together one in New York.

POTP: Are you going to be working out [during the summer hiatus]?

Max: I am going to be working out like an animal. I wanna come in at about 185 next season of just, of mass, just mass!



POTP: Sometimes I see a hint of a smile on your face when you deliver some of your lines. How do you stop yourself from breaking character?

Max: I don’t.

POTP: I do notice that. Do you know what I’m talking about?

Max: Oh sure. They just air the ones when I’m not laughing. I’m laughing most of the time.

POTP: I think Cece brings out the best in Schmidt. Is he less of a control freak now and do you like playing him when he’s freaking out?

Max: I like to get as weird as possible! If we’re talking real, I like to get him real weird, so the weirder they write him, the happier I am. I like to go real weird and then take him right back to a nice place and then say ‘Oh, I didn’t see that coming.’ Off on his own, he’s the worst and then he’s with Cece and he’s the best. And then he’s sometimes freaks out and he’s the worst again, and that’s why he’s such a great character.

POTP: How have fans reacted to you when they meet you?

Max: In the most positive way. Um, it’s been really… To be totally honest with you, the response has been incredible, to the character, to the show. People really like Schmidt. I don’t know what to say.

POTP: Have you ever asked the writers why the other characters aren’t nude nearly as often?

Max: I don’t question it. I’m happy to have a job. I’ll take my shirt off whenever they ask.

POTP: I’ve watched some of your other interviews and it’s like you’re in character. Do you ever take Schmidt home from work with you?

Max: Sometimes, and then my wife yells at me and then I gotta get rid of it. Every once in a while, yeah, Schmidt comes to the house.