Max Meisel: Bethenny Frankel’s Former Assistant Slams Her

Bethenny Frankel‘s former assistant from “Bethenny Getting Married” and “Bethenny Ever After” is doing what every mature fired employee does: Talk sh!t.

Max Meisel is a college graduate that Bethenny hired after his impressive interview in which he said he only had to be told to do something once. After getting the job, Max took no initiative to do anything and he didn’t put much effort into completing any task.

Last week Bethenny fired him, and Max isn’t liking the responses that he’s receiving from viewers who are aware that he sucks. Bethenny claims that Max was more interested in the glitz than working, had become a liability, and even asked her husband, Jason Hoppy, for a condom.

Max fired back by saying that Bethenny asked him the age of the oldest girl that he has had sex with, he also claims she’s not A-list, and goes on to complain about having to pick out thongs for her and build a crib.

Both parties are at fault here. Max wasn’t qualified and Bethenny was delusional to think that he would be interested in performing the tasks that she assigned to him. As far as Max asking her husband for a condom, Max is an idiot. Bethenny is also wrong; however, Bethenny asking about the oldest woman that Max had slept with isn’t surprising, considering that she’s constantly inappropriate. It’s what draws people to her and what turns others off. Max and Bethenny just didn’t mesh well. Max didn’t know how good he had it, though.

Bethenyn Frankel too skinny

We’ve posted Max’s angry/ pathetic response after the jump.


“Alrighty, so before you write me off as the worst assistant on the planet, please hear me out… The conversation with Jason about condoms at the SkinnyGirl Party was taken way out of context. As inappropriate as it sounded, it didn’t take place exactly how it was pitched. It was a “guys talking at a bar”-kind of situation, however, I understand it was the wrong thing to talk about. I hold Jason in extremely high regard and I would never intentionally do anything to demean that. I didn’t mean to cross a line.

I didn’t know where the boundaries began and where they ended. My third day on the job Bethenny asked me the oldest girl I’ve had sex with. It seemed as if some days there there were boundaries and some days there were none.

Bethenny made a very bold statement about my motives for wanting to become her assistant. She believes I wanted to be around for the attention and the “red carpet glitz.” The way she spoke, you’d think I had been hanging with Cameron Diaz and Mark Wahlberg as a result of working for her. I can assure you, although Bethenny has risen in popularity substantially over the last few years, I didn’t look towards her as the fast track to popularity.