Michelle Money Had An Affair With NBA Star Carlos Boozer

Michelle Money is the annoying, naggy contestant who is vying for the love of Brad Womack on ‘Bachelor’ that all the women seem to hate, and she has a dirty little secret in her past. Michelle has admitted to Life & Style magazine that she had an affair with NBA player Carlos Boozer while he was still married to his wife Cece.

Michelle Money And Carlos Boozer Picture

“Yes, I was in a relationship with Carlos while he was still married. What I did was wrong.”

The 30-year-old hair stylist says she was recently divorced when she met Carlos. Michelle claims Carlos led her to believe he had separated from his wife before he and Michelle were involved, though he didn’t file for divorce until March 2009.

“I should never have been so naive to assume what I was told was true. I’m not trying to shy away from the fact that he was still married. I don’t put that on Carlos. I don’t put that on anyone but myself. I feel terrible for Cece for that pain she’s had to go through and that I am a part of it.”

The relationship only lasted a couple of months, and Michelle says she has learned from her mistake.

“All I can do is try to do better with my life. I screwed up. But I can only try to do the best I can.”

Either Carlos never went through with the separation back in 2009, or he got back with his wife after his affair with Michelle, because the Salt Lake Tribune reports Carlos’s divorce proceedings began August 13, 2010.