Patrick Swayze Addresses the Lies About His Health

There have been reports over the weekend about Patrick Swayze’s pancreatic cancer spreading to his liver and a separate report about him telling all his loved ones goodbye as they bawled their eyes out. Rumors like this show what an ugly place the world can be and how heartless tabloid writers are. I linked to the Patrick Swayze’s pancreatic cancer spreading story yesterday in my ‘up to speed’ post, and I am elated that the “reports” are not true. I wish him all the best. Here’s Patrick Swayze’s statement, it’s a must read.

“I’m very proud of the work I’ve done on my new series The Beast, and I am happy to be back home for the holidays. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment to say you’re gonna do something and do it.

“The only thorn in my side being that many tabloids have been consistently reporting lies and false information about me and those close to me. And latest, they’re reporting that I’m on my last legs and saying goodbye to my tearful family!

“Pancreatic cancer is an aggressive disease and from the moment I was diagnosed, I knew I was in for the fight of my life. It’s a battle, and so far, I’ve been winning. I’m one of the lucky few that responds well to treatment.

“It’s upsetting that the shoddy and reckless reporting from these publications cast a negative shadow on the positive and good fight I’m fighting. For me, my family, and those close to me, it amounts to downright emotional cruelty. That makes me angry when hope is so precious.

“As always, I appreciate all the love and support people have sent and continue to send my way. I thank you.”