Peter Thomas of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Has Uptown Restaurant and Lounge Shut Down

Cynthia Bailey of the Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s husband Peter Thomas isn’t as wealthy as he’s made out to look on the show. In fact, the Uptown Restaurant and Lounge that he “owns” on RHOA had to be shut down!

Peter Thomas picture

The Uptown Restaurant and Lounge was closed due to unpaid expenses in excess of $25,000. Employees were also unaware of the shutdown, allegedly, and showed up to work ready to go only to discover that the venue went under.

Bravo has been choosing people to appear on “Housewives” shows that are connected to drama. Bravo’s stars get evicted, lose their homes, auction off everything but their dirty panties, and all because they’re only paid $3k an episode! Of course “Real Housewives” stars are going to be broke. Cynthia has a modeling career to fall back on. I doubt she or Peter needs Uptown Restaurant to be running in order to put some food on the table. Peter allegedly never owned it to begin with, but that’s for a separate post.

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