Pregnant Kim Kardashian Turns Down Baby Photo Offers

Kris Jenner is still leaking flattering stories to TMZ, allegedly. Today we have a story about Kimye turning down $3 million for photos of their baby. Sigh.

Kim Kardashian in white

Kim Kardashian 2013 preggers Kim Kardashian airport pic

As if we aren’t supposed to detect the blatant butt kissing, TMZ’s article begins with: “PREPARE TO BE SHOCKED … unlike other celebs, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West turned down a chance to rake in some serious coin off their unborn child.”

How selfless! Give these two a medal.

The post claims that the couple “has been flooded with lucrative deals” for their baby’s first pics. They were even offered $3 million from an overseas tabloid and the couple may consider selling photos in the future.

Yes yes y’all. Be prepared to hear stoopid stories like this until after Kimmy K gives birth. You’d think she was 6 months along instead of 12 weeks. Bloop.