Suri Cruise Needs a Haircut

One chick I don’t ever wanna mess with is Ms. Suri Cruise. The toddler drinks water outta wine glasses, has an iPad, an $850 purse, and a shoe and makeup collection that could make any grown woman jealous.

Suri’s hair is always looking messy cause you know she’ll bite anyone who tries to put a brush to it.

Katie Holmes‘ paparazzi magnet was spotted in Prague, where Tom Cruise is shooting Mission Impossible 4. It’s adorable that she’s already in mommy mode with her stroller and her doll.

If Suri doesn’t want a haircut, the least her parents could do is give her a hair tie or a headband. Katie may have asked Suri if she wanted a haircut to which Suri probably began screaming obscenities and reminded her that the only cutting that will take place in their house is what Suri will be doing to Katie if she asks about a haircut again. This four year-old diva means business.

Suri and her parents