Tess Taylor Topless, Smoking A Bong

Tess Taylor, one of the dumb broads on the E! reality show Pretty Wild is getting her smoke on with her titties hanging out. In photos obtained by TheDirty.com, Tess is seen walking around in nothing but tight spandex pants and smoking a big ol’ bong.

Tess Taylor Topless Bong Photo

Tess is threatening legal action on Nik Richie if the photos aren’t removed from his site, but Nik doesn’t seem too worried about Tess, her mother, or their lawyers.

Tess, tell your mother that your legal threats do not scare me. You are one step above Lindsay Lohan in my book. You are a great role model in our society, glad kids that watch your show look up to trash like you.

The gloves are coming off! If you wanna see photos of Tess doing bong hits with her huge knockers hanging out, check them out here!