Wissam Al Mana Pays Janet Jackson’s Bills

Wissam al Mana is Janet Jackson’s wealthy new boyfriend. Wissam, 35, is the managing director of luxury corporate group Al Mana Retain and he has homes all over the world. Janet and Wissam met in December and began dating in May. They were recently spotted having dinner together in New York City.

“Janet was glowing. They had a corner table and were very cuddly. They seemed very much in love. Wissam picked up the check, and when asked if they’d be back next week, they said they were flying to Paris for Fashion Week.”

Wissam can afford to pay for things cause he’s a billionaire. Janet and Wissam spent weeks in Italy over the summer and her friends credit him for helping her cope with her brother’s untimely passing.

Wissam is also a shareholder in Saks Fifth Avenue stores in Dubai, Doha, Bahrain and Kuwait. I love how reporters give up all the unnecessary details on why Wissam is a good catch. You take one look at him and you can see that he’s twice as tall and good looking as Jermaine. Get it gurl!


Janet Jackson dating Wissam Al Mana