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Miley Cyrus Says ‘Vote for Cece Frey!’

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Britney Spears may hate her but Cece Frey of The X Factor has at least one A-list fan. Miley Cyrus is supporting her friend Demi Lovato by encouraging her nearly 11 million followers to vote for Cece.

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Yesterday Miles Tweeted: Yo!!! Text VOTE to 9301 or call 1-855-843-9301 for CeCe Frey on the X Factor!!! I LOVE YOU

Well that’s sweet of Miley. I think Cece could use the votes too. Two more acts will be eliminated tonight before the semi-finals begin next week.

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Cece Frey Talks About Britney Spears’ Harsh Comments

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Cece Frey is the X Factor finalist who has been in the bottom two three out of the past four weeks of the competition! The problem with Cece is that you never know what you're going to get with her.


Cece told me she loves fashion, but maybe she needs to pick a sound and look and stick with it. Britney Spears has always been extremely harsh with Cece for some reason. When I spoke to Demi Lovato's group member at CBS the other week, she revealed what kind of comments from the judges have helped her the most and what she plans to do with the $5 million prize money if she wins.

POTP: Your look changes every week. Do you want to keep viewers guessing?

Cece: I definitely want to keep the viewers guessing. I'm very into fashion. I'm very into high fashion. Everyone wants to call it gimmicky, call it whatever you want. The fact that I'm into high fashion is me.

POTP: Britney Spears does not hold back when she critiques you. Why do you think she's so harsh with you?

Cece: I don't think Britney's the only one that's harsh to me. I think LA Reid is harsh with me, Simon's harsh to me and Demi sticks up for me because she's my mentor and she knows the type of person I am and how badly I want this, so I always appreciate that. Britney Spears is the Queen of Pop, she just is, and here I am trying to be a pop star. So I think the queen is trying to give me the kind of criticism that will make me strong enough to handle this industry. I appreciate it.

POTP: What do you think of some of the harsh critiques from the judges?

Cece: I'm taking so much with a grain of salt. Sometimes I really take it to heart. When the judges give me constructive criticism, I take it that to heart and I do my best to take that to make my performance better for next week. But if I'm just told, 'Oh, I just didn't get it!'  Okay, well there's nothing I can really do with that. I'm just going to let that be what it is and carry on with what I think I need to do to be better.

POTP: What would you like to do with the $5 million prize money?

Cece: I know this sounds unbelievable, but I don't even think about the prize money. As far as I'm concerned, I would love to tell Simon, 'Keep your money. Get me a career instead.'

POTP: You can have both.

Cece: If I can have both, I would definitely just use it to keep investing in my own career and livelihood as an artist. I'd probably buy myself a motorcycle. That's something I've always really wanted [laughs]!

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Cece Frey Talks to Pop on the Pop

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Cece Frey is one of the most talked about contestants on The X Factor this season. She has been in the bottom two for the past 2 weeks making it virtually impossible for viewers to forget her. But it's also Cece's style that makes her a standout.


Britney Spears said she thinks Cece is having an identity crisis and is trying to look like Ke$ha! The confident performer loves to place leopard print on the left side of her face. I'll never forget this chick, partially for her look, and partially because she sounds great when she sings on Thursdays to secure her spot on the show!

Yesterday I spoke to Cece about the leopard print (how could I not), how wrong I think her song choices are, and what kind of songs she'll sing in the future so that she doesn't end up in the bottom 2 another week.

POTP: When I watch you, when you sing the save songs on Thursdays, you blow me away. When you sing on Wednesdays, you sing completely different songs that don't showcase your abilities and your talents and your confidence and your range. What's going to go down this week. Give me some good news!

Cece: Okay gurl. Real talk right now. I'm starting to kind of get that common denominator. There's a reason that my safety songs are keeping me in this competition, and maybe if I sing something more like a safety song, I wouldn't need to be saved! So I think this week you guys can expect to see something completely different than what you see on the Wednesday shows. We're getting back to basics.

POTP: I'm scared because you said people will see something that they're not used to seeing and I kind of feel like you've been venturing far from your original performances.

Cece: When I say that you're not used to seeing it, I mean you haven't seen it in a while. I think I'm getting back to the basics, back to me. I think everybody's gonna get a side of me that everyone seems to responds really well to me on Thursday nights.

POTP: So the leopard print, are we gonna be seeing more of that in the competition?

Cece: The leopard print is kind of coming in and out. There are some times that I need it, some times that I don't. I like to leave it at home for some performances. I feel like I have an alter-ego on stage sometimes but sometimes I really want people to see the real me.

POTP: What if there are people watching that don't like leopard print and are like 'I'm not voting for the girl with the leopard print!' I'm just being out there.

Cece: There's always gonna be something that people don't like. People didn't like my brown hair but now they don't like my blonde hair. People don't like my clothes, people don't like my songs, but on the opposite end of the spectrum, there are people that love my new look, that love the leopard print and want to see more. I try to cater to the positive and myself, that's how I strive to live my life.

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