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Khloe Kardashian: Jewelry Worth $250k Stolen From Home

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Khloe Kardashian has lost $250,000 worth of jewelry from the home that she shared with estranged husband Lamar Odom. Khlo Money and her mom Kris Jenner discovered the theft on Monday night when they were trying to clear out the home for Kaley Cuoco and her husband to move in.

 Khloe Kardashian 2014, hot pic

Khloe is pissed and wants everyone who had access to her jewelry to take a lie detector test and have their fingerprints taken too. DAMN! KK believes that the culprit had direct access and could be house staff, assistants, filming crews, inspectors and movers. “The thief or thieves made off with watches, diamonds and gold chains.”

There is no sign of a break-in and the house is inside a gated estate and the house itself is also gated. No one has been living in the house for a while and the home has undergone work over the last month.

While Khloe can afford to lose a quarter of a million dollars worth of anything, getting burglarized leaves you feeling vulnerable, and I’m just talking about having your items stolen by a stranger. I can’t imagine what it’s like to know that someone on your payroll has betrayed you like that. I hope they find out who exactly is behind this!

Kourtney also just lost $50,000 in stash from her home! This is clearly an inside job.

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Khloe Kardashian Divorce Settlement is $7 Million?

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Khloe Kardashian is going to profit from filing for divorce from her estranged husband, Lamar Odom. The reality star is set to pocket $7 million.


Khloe and Lamar have a prenup. She’s kipping her $1 million engagement ring and getting about $2 million in cash. The rest of the money will come from the sale of the mansion that she shares with ODumb.

Per their pre-nup, Khloe receives $500,000 for every year of marriage. She is not seeking spousal support, although ODumb has a reported $116 million. Khloe is quietly shopping for another house.

She filed for divorce on Dec. 13 because Lamar admitted to cheating on his wife when he travels for basketball in a stupid video that he made. Khloe is now rumored to be dating Matt Kemp.

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Khloe Kardashian Files for Divorce, Lamar Odom Responds

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Khloe Kardashian has finally thrown in the towel with her (allegedly) drug taking, womanizing mess of a husband, Lamar Odom, and has filed for divorce. Yet somebody seems to have forgotten to tell Lamar this – as the basketball star is claiming that HE decided to leave Khloe.


Hmm.. those drug stories are beginning to look more likely now… A source close to the NBA player told TMZ: “I can’t be f**kin’ with Khloe. She brings out the bad side of me.”

He doesn’t stop there, he also casts blame on his friends for his reported cheating by “supporting me the wrong way by bringing girls around.” Way to take responsibility for your actions Lamar.

It looks like it is all over for the couple who married four years ago, after knowing each other just a month. Although their short marriage was rocked by claims of infidelity and drug taking from Lamar, Khloe stood by her man through thick and thin.

The last straw was said to be a rap video featuring Lamar in which he brags about cheating on his wife with lyrics like “And when Khloe’s out of town / I still be on the DL.”

Lamar doesn’t seem keen to save the relationship and instead says he needs to “get married” to his basketball career and try to ignore the past. It’s a shame that these two have ended up in this position as they actually seemed quite sweet to begin with. It was also nice to see at least one Kardashian trying to work on marriage rather than seeing the other person as disposable (*cough* Kris Humpries *cough*).

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Khloe Kardashian to Divorce Lamar Odom Over ‘Cheating’ Video

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There’s a reason why I call Khloe Kardashian’s husband Lamar Odumb. The NBA reject filmed a video in which he said: “And when Khloe’s out of town I still be on the DL.” Keep in mind that Khloe picked him up from his alleged girlfriend’s house while he was on an alleged crack cocaine binge and she still remained with him!

khloe kardashian red lips

TMZ claims that Khloe will be divorcing Odumb because of his shocking rap video that was leaked last month.

“Khloe didn’t know it, but TMZ had just posted a video of Lamar Odom, in which her hubby is clearly under the influence of something, rapping about infidelity — “And when Khloe’s out of town I still be on the DL. Khloe say she found out about the video on the plane and went ballistic.  When she landed she was hiding her left hand in her purse. Two days later, the ring was gone and she hasn’t worn it since.”

There is no word on when Khloe will file for divorce, but TMZ says that she will be leaving her husband. Sigh. There were reports that the two were in couples counseling. I don’t know if that was before or after the video came out, I’m guessing that it was before.

I feel bad for Khloe. She shouldn’t have to go through something so hard in the public eye. She’s already been mocked for “not being a real Kardashian” and now this? And right around the holidays. Khloe did everything she could for Lamar. She worshiped him and he will never find another woman who adores him the way Khloe did. Sad.

Khloe posted the following picture on her Instagram 2 hours ago:


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Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Are Back Together

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Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have reconciled, just my guess, but Kris Jenner wants them to be over, just my guess.


Khloe and Lamar attended Kanye West’s LA concert last night. Rumors surfaced that they’re an item again so the K-kamp quickly shut that down, having TMZ report:

“We’re told the reason Lamar was invited … he’s been clean and sober for several weeks and the Kardashians are “supporting his recovery and wanted him to have a good time.”

Sigh. TMZ and the Kardashians really think their fans are incredibly stupid. They’re “supporting his recovery” by ‘allowing’ him to go to a rap concert with his wife? That’s such a pathetic excuse. They should just leave us to believe the obvious: Khloe’s trying to work it out with Lamar. Let her live her own life, Kris!

The Kardashians want us to believe this was just a family reunion cause Bruce, Kris, Brody and Brandon/ (the whole damn family) was also there. But remember Khloe had kicked Lamar out and they weren’t even speaking?! THEY’RE BACK TOGETHER.

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Lamar Odom: New Deal With Lakers Coming Soon?

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While Kris Jenner is working hard allegedly leaking stories to TMZ that Lamar ODumb is a crackhead, Lamar reportedly passed a drug test and has met up with the Lakers recently. A new contract could be in the works!


Lamar met with The Lakers on Monday and he got a haircut first, getting a star etched in the back of his head by his barber Enzo.

TMZ reports: “Lamar met with Laker execs Monday afternoon to discuss terms of a possible return. We’re told things went well… Lamar’s first choice has always been to return to the Lakers.”

TMZ also claims that Lamar “has sounded more like his old self.” You know Kris Jenner is crapping herself right now! She needs to come up with a new reason to cover the obvious – Lamar’s just sick of the K-klan, right? I would love for Lamar to stay with Khloe though. I don’t really think he’ll find another woman who worships him as much as his wife does.

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Khloe Kardashian Divorce: She’s Scared Lamar Odom Will Overdose

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Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have been living separate lives for the past month but Khloe is scared to pull the plug. Khloe fears that Lamar will overdose or commit suicide if she divorces him.


The woman is living a nightmare, or she’s still secretly hoping to reconcile if Lamar goes to rehab.

Because the Kardashians keep TMZ informed of everything, today we’re learning that the couple’s divorce will be a simple one because “everything is predetermined by their prenup.” Khloe and Lamar’s assets will be kept separate.  Sigh. We already know that!

Khloe is “anxious” to end the marriage but she fears it could push Lamar over the edge. Lamar is allegedly “in no position to start haggling” because he’s “been using crack off and on for months, among other drugs.”

Lamar is such a disappointment. He’s going to continue to go off the deep end once he realizes that he’s killed his career because the K-family has gone public with his issues.

In fact, we’re told Lamar is so deep into the world of drugs, he’s in no position to start haggling, even if there were something over which to haggle. As we reported, Lamar has been using crack off and on for months, among other drugs, and is probably legally incompetent to negotiate anything.

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Lamar Odom Didn’t Tweet That the Kardashians are the Second Coming

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Lamar Odom’s estranged father, Joe Odom, slammed the Kardashians, blaming them for Lamar’s current issues and saying that the only thing Kris Jenner cares about is money and her family’s image. Real talk.


After Joe’s allegations, Lamar alleged Tweeted a defense about how the Kardashians are his family and the only thing his father gave him was his drug addiction and how great Kris is… It was more @ss kissing than we’ve seen in ages.

Naturally because TMZ staff are stalkers, they found out that ODumb didn’t write the scathing Tweet!

“Lamar has no Internet where he’s staying and he wants it that way. He’s unbelievably paranoid about anyone knowing his whereabouts by tapping his phone. He has a 15-second rule in the house — no one can be on his phone for longer than that.

What’s more … when anyone comes to the house, Lamar has someone confiscate their phone at the door.”

Not only did Lamar not write that message, he isn’t even aware of his father’s statements.

So yeah, Kris Jenner wrote that tweet, IMO. It’s a lil obvious now too when you think of “Lamar’s” message mentioning that Lamar’s father wasn’t invited to his wedding with Khloe. Wouldn’t Lamar have plenty more examples of how strained his relationship is with his dad than that? Wouldn’t Lamar have more insults, or praises to give his father?! Their wasn’t much insider information in ODumb’s tweet and an angry son would have so much more to say than what Lamar allegedly said.

Can we just throw Kris Jenner in jail already? SMH.

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Khloe Kardashian Divorce Coming, ‘She Smiles to Mask the Pain’

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Despite being married to an alleged drug addict and cheater, Khloe Kardashian has found a way to maintain a happy face in public, as she’s been posting her usual pouty lip selfies and funny videos.

Khloe Kardashian tongue selfie

Khloe has finally revealed that she’s been faking it. She took to Instagram to let the world know how she really feels with a picture of a girl wearing a mask saying, “She smiles to mask the pain in her heart, she laughs to conceal the tears in her eyes.”

Sources have told Us Weekly that Kardashian-Odom is “devastated” over her marital status with her NBA husband and that an official separation is in the works.

Khloe and Lamar’s marriage has been in turmoil ever since he was accused of cheating a few months ago. And that was before his DUI arrest and former roommate/ mistress leaking details about his alleged cocaine use.

Lamar checked himself into rehab on September 4th, just to quickly turn around and leave the very next day. The two tied the not back in September of 2009, and their four year anniversary is slowly creeping up on them come Sept. 27th. It makes sense for Khloe to just wait until her 4-year anniversary hits to file the paperwork. Maybe she’ll date someone for more than a month before walking down the aisle the next time.

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Lamar Odom Gets DUI Court Date

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This is just what Lamar Odom needs in his life right now, a DUI. The struggling NBA star will be charged with a DUI. He was pulled over the other week for driving too slow and failed several field sobriety tests.


Odumb was handcuffed and taken to jail where he refused to submit to blood alcohol test. Lamar’s refusal to take a blood alcohol test was helpful. Normally a defendant would be charged with 2 counts of DUI driving under the influence and driving with .08 or higher. However, because Lamar refused the test, his license will be suspended for 1 year.

To find out what Lamar’s court date is, and for more details, visit Twana Tells.


Lamar Odom Sued by Paparazzo

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Lamar Odom is seriously having the month from hell! Back in July, paparazzo Stefan Saad asked the former Clippers hoopster the one question that millions of people were wonder, “Did you cheat on Khloe?”


Unfortunately for Odom, his temper got the best of him and he threw the photographer’s camera and equipment onto the street. Odumb is now being sued for allegedly assaulting Saad and trespassing on property.

According to E!, Lamar got so pissed about the paparazzi’s allegations that he literally took a metal rod to the guys car, got his hands on the guy’s camera, smashed it, and then drove off with it.

E!, got their hands on the court docs and found out that Lamar allegedly wanted to find a way to “humiliate Mr. Saad,” so he was seen by the photographer throwing his belongings out of his car onto Hollywood Boulevard.

Now instead of allegedly spending thousands of dollars on crack cocaine, it looks like Lamar will be spending a nice chunk of change on this lawsuit… $565,000 to be exact. The lawsuit is claiming Saad is hoping to walk away with $500,000 worth of emotional distress, $50,000 worth of not working, and $15,000 in hopes of replacing his damaged property.

Hmmm… By the way Odom reacted to Saad’s question, it sure does seem like he was trying to cover something up!


Polina Polonsky: Lamar Odom Alleged Mistress Confirms Crack Cocaine Rumors

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Lawyer Polina Polonsky made the bold and stupid decision to speak out about her friendship with Lamar Odom. She did an exclusive Skype interview with TMZ Live yesterday in which she didn’t hold much of anything back. You’d think she’d learn how to say “no comment” by now.

 polina polonsky

When Odumb’s alleged mistress was asked if she’s witnessed Lamar using crack cocaine ,she replied: “I did see it.”

Polina says her six-week engagement with Odom included him living with her. She also claimed that he tried everything he could to hide his tracks.

“I found little paper towels, wads in every pretty much hole or crevice in my apartment after he had left. He would take the battery out of his phone, he thought that he was being tracked, that there was a GPS devise on his car,” she continued to say in the interview.

Polonsky even went on to bash Khloe Kardashian for showing up at her house, saying: “Khloe kept banging on the door, telling me she wanted to talk to me.”

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