How Does Technology Affect the Music Industry?

Technology affects music very greatly. In the last decade, music has seen unprecedented evolution with the aspect of technology. Due to the advancement in phone technology, users get a gig to their followers through apps like SnapChat, Facebook Live, and YouTube. Instagram followers can also join you through Stories. How does technology affect the music […]

Top Geeky Pop Culture Accessories and Collectibles

Pop culture refers to the hottest trends in popular culture, usually from the entertainment-based industry, which has become popular with a particular group of people, a country, or even the entire world. Pop culture can range from a variety of things like the kind of music that is currently trending, the kind of movies, the […]

What’s America’s Obsession with the Tiger King Netflix Documentary?

“Tiger King” is one TV show that has succeeded in dragging the hearts of Americans from the distressing daily news of the coronavirus. The show is a real-life documentary that focuses on Joseph Maldonado-Passage (Joe Exotic) who owns an exotic-animal park in Oklahoma. It was directed by Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin and currently has […]

Will the Movie Industry be Forever Changed after the Covid-19 Pandemic?

We all know that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all businesses have been closed across the country. This has a negative financial effect on many industries, including the movie industry. Almost every major blockbuster movie for the film studios has been turned over, removed from rotation, or put on hold. For instance, “A Quiet […]