Best Marvel Superhero Posters for Kids

Kids absolutely love superhero posters and by far, Marvel superheroes are among the favorites of any kid who has even a tiny interest in superhero movies. Kids generally want to look cool, and what better way to achieve that than to get some of the coolest Marvel superhero posters in their room?

While Marvel has released several posters, some awesome and others simply weird, there are quite a number of Marvel superhero posters that would make any kid happy. Whether you’re going to paste them in your kid’s room or in the game room, the following Marvel superhero posters are sure to give that fun and exciting look that kids love when it comes to personalized home decor.

5 Best Marvel Superhero Posters

Spider-Man: Homecoming

The Spider-Man: Homecoming movie poster, in particular, is as casual as can be for a superhero poster. With an angular design and Spider-Man literally lying face-up with a headset on, this is a pretty cool poster to put in your kid’s bedroom. There isn’t too much going on, which makes it a very simple yet absolutely fun poster – a divergence from the typical superhero posters.

Thor: Ragnarok

With an outburst of color, this poster is all things loud and eye-catching. The characters are strategically arranged, giving a sort of superhero hierarchy. Marvel really went all out with the Thor: Ragnarok movie poster, because it could easily have been a dark poster. On the contrary, the characters are depicted with their own colors, with Thor in the middle and Hulk at the very top. The choice of red, green, and yellow as the main colors allude to fire, a major part of the movie and the end times.

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2

The Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 movie poster is one of the best Marvel superhero posters, as it has a retro appeal and looks a lot like the old Star Wars movie posters. A quick look at Marvel characters, in general, will tell you that Marvel sure likes to play with color, but then again, who wants plain, single-colored characters anyway? This poster is also fun and bursting with color, with a playful and vibrant look kids will love.


For any kid who wants something a bit creepy yet cool, the Marvel Venom movie poster sure does bring it. With a close-up of the main character showing his two sides, the poster seems carefully thought out. The good side has a white background with Eddie Brock’s face looking very attractive, while the bad side has a black background with the “venom” as a sharp contrast.

The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk movie poster efficiently summarizes the essence of the movie, with Hulk taking the bulk of the space (well, that is inevitable) and Bruce Banner just behind him, depicting that the big green guy is not just a scary monster but actually has a completely different side to him. The choice of the lighting is also an interesting factor with Hulk in the darkness and Banner in the light. 

These Marvel superhero posters make great holiday gift ideas. Which will you choose for your child?