Call of Duty Gamer Tips: What is a Finishing Move in Modern Warfare?

Games like “Call of Duty” are what some gamers live and breathe for. Battling it out with strangers and killing opponents is thrilling. The fact that you can play against opponents from different parts of the country means it is also exhilarating.

We pride ourselves on the type of weapons that we have and how we use them in annihilating our opponents. What if we told you that “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” is more than the weapons that we use. The weapons may be the star, but there are other ways that you could use them to seal the deal.

Have you ever wondered what is a finishing move in Modern Warfare? If you have, there is a great chance that you must know a little about the flourish of finishing moves. If you are wondering what is a finishing move in modern warfare, take a ride with us.

What are Finishing Moves?

Finishing moves are instant melee kill actions in video games such as “Call of Duty.”

Do you know that you can take out threats in multiplayer games by using finishing moves? Yes, you read that right.

Normally, a finishing move is done in a few seconds. Using this tactic is optional, but when you do, feel satisfied immediately. This is not far from the fact that you dispose of enemies immediately, without stressing yourself. With these finishing moves, you can effortlessly take out those opponents that didn’t know you are present.

If you want to have the finishing move equipped, you should consider heading to the Operators menu. From there, choose your preferred Operator, then move to the Customize submenu. Once you are done, click the Finishing Moves.

While at that option, you can decide to for an unlocked finishing move, which is available to the operator that you chose as listed below. 

Perfecting the Finish

If you have asked yourself this question, “What is a finishing move in Modern Warfare?,” then you should consider following these steps to perfect the finish.

The Default is Yours

Let’s say that you are trying to do a finishing move and it isn’t working. There is a great chance that you are far from the opponent. It could also be because you are not at the back of the opponent.

It may be that you went for a default Operator that doesn’t possess Finishing Moves. If you want finishing moves, go for named Operators.

Ghost of a Chance

If you run the Ghost perk, it is easier to infiltrate into enemy lines. This prevents you from being seen by UAVs, Heartbeat Sensors, Radar Drones, and Snapshot Grenades. What this means is that if you are undetected, you can easily sneak behind an enemy and do the finishing move.

The finishing move gives you the opportunity to end the lives of your enemies without having to enter a gun battle.

What’s your favorite finishing move in “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?”