Celebrating 15 Years: Why We Love The American TV Show ‘The Office’

“The Office” (2005 – 2013) is a situational comedy that is centered on showing the daily lives of the workers in Dunder Mifflin paper company. The series, which aired on NBC from March 24, 2005, and ended on May 16, 2013, has successfully won many awards. This year, 2020 makes it 15 years since the series was launched, and a lot of people still talk about it, especially since the full series was available for streaming on Netflix for a long while.

Sitcoms are usually everyone’s go-to choice. They have a way of getting you committed to the comedic characters, and the silly storylines are relatable. Throughout the years that it aired on our screens, “The Office” kept all if not everyone glued to their screens.

The writers and producers of this incredible TV series did a satisfactory job by making sure that there’s a unique attribute attached to each of the identities represented in the show.

This American TV series is a mockumentary (i.e., a fictional documentary). It’s one of the things that singled the series out. This show brought along the drama and the comedy, and the actors were original and all talented.

Many persons have come out to declare that “The Office” seems to be one of the best sitcoms they’ve had to lay their eyes on.

10 Reasons We Love The American TV Show ‘The Office’

These are some of the reasons why people can’t get enough of this TV series, especially during “The Office” 15 years anniversary.

·       Despite “The Office” boss Micheal Scots being rude and ignorant, he still has a way of getting engaged in the lives of his employees that is charming and hilarious.

·       Howling with laughter while watching this TV show is highly inevitable. The content is really funny.

·       Jim and Pam’s love story really touches a lot of hearts. The actors interpreted this role like it was their life. Dunder Mifflin wouldn’t have been so interesting without these two.

·       The actors have this unexplainable connection going on with them. I give a large thumbs up to the cast and crew!

·       This TV show has a way of piling up exceptionally delicate moments. They also do well in conveying the emotions spiced with intense humor just to let you know that you are still seeing a situational comedy.

·       The show has won over 45 awards.

·       There is a lot of outlandish entertainment at the paper factory. Micheal Scott is always there to furnish the energy whenever it looks like there’s going to be a sober moment on the show.

·       Jim and Dwight’s constant fights are surprisingly entertaining, even though we know that they deeply care about each other.

·       People love that the show has brought most of the popular faces we know today into the limelight, including Ed Helms, Mindy Kaling, and many of the actors who became regular faces after “The Office.”

·       The comedy, the emotions, and the drama that the show brought with it is hardly seen anywhere else on TV, and that makes it authentic. “The Office” is a must-see TV series for everyone.