Clues to Who Rey’s Parents Really Are: A Prediction Before Star Wars Episode IX Movie

For all Star Wars fans across the globe who are looking forward to the new movie, the biggest question running through all of our minds is “Who are Rey’s parents?” 

This is the question that has been drilling into the minds of many for the past few years, and we are about to find out the answer with the new movie, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Star Wars Episode IX). However, before that happens, let’s look at all of the clues to see if we can predict before seeing the movie.

Below are some of the biggest theories about Rey or clues we have seen to point to who Rey is and where she came from.

Star Wars Episode IV: Theories About Rey’s Parents

Theory #1: Her Parents are No One

This theory comes from Kylo Ren when he tells Rey that she comes from people who sold her for drinking money. However, many people do not buy this theory because she has to get the force from someone. After all, we have seen her getting stronger and stronger. Plus, her instant connection to Leia doesn’t seem random! On the other hand, it is true that anyone could be a Jedi, so her parents really could be no one special.

Theory #2: Luke Skywalker is Her Father

One of the more popular theories is that Luke himself is her father. After all, she is a pilot just like him and we have seen her be drawn to Luke’s lightsaber. However, many people find this theory to be too obvious and not suspenseful enough and Luke didn’t recognize her. With that being said, it could be possible!

 Theory #3: Han Solo and Leia are Her Parents

Another one of the biggest theories is that she is actually Kylo Rey’s sister and daughter of Han and Leia. This is theorized due to the fact that in one of the original Disney canons, Han and Leia actually had twins. However, people also don’t think this is possible because Han Solo and Princess Leia have never once mentioned having another child.

Theory #4: Emperor Palpatine is Her Grandfather

This is one of the more interesting theories due to the connections that people have drawn. Many fans state that Rey fights just like Palpatine and has very similar theme music. While this could be a coincidence, people have also pointed out that his voice is apparent in her Force vision, though a lot of other voices are present as well.

Putting all of the movies together, there are some interesting and intriguing theories that point to who Rey’s real family is. Before you go and see it, try to figure out for yourself who her parents really are.

There are so many theories and possibilities, so it will be interesting to see whose theories pan out and are true with the new and final Star Wars movie, Star Wars Episode IX, for the time being. Who do you think her parents are?